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Professional Astrology Reading:
Vedic Astrology Reading
for Self-Sabotage & Self-Awareness

Astrology Readings are an important part of our how we help professionals find clarity and how we help business leaders turn their stress into meaningful success.

Beyond Astrological Personality Analysis:

An In-Depth Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Reading for Those Who Want Results (Without the Astrology Jargon)

Often, we know exactly what next step(s) we should take in order to address our more pressing problems, but we simply don’t want to do it. We may convince ourselves that we don't actually know what to do, or we might seek ways of bypassing the required actions, instead hoping that things will just work themselves out. In short, we really don’t want to engage with those things that triggers our unwanted thoughts and painful emotions (such as fear, shame, etc.). And we don’t often appreciate how many of our problems are a result of us avoiding our difficult thoughts and painful emotions (and avoiding the people/situations that produce these difficult thoughts and emotions). In short, our difficult thoughts and emotions are determining so much of our lives precisely because we avoid them.

A professional birth chart (or natal chart) reading with Balrāj is a direct discussion of your problems, unencumbered by unnecessary astrological jargon (e.g., planets, zodiac signs, etc.). The intent of this reading is provide more clarity, more self-connection, and more empowerment. It is intended to make your implicit habits more explicit so you can take the few actions that will produce the most results. We discuss how your habits are sabotaging your efforts to experience progress in some area of your life. Less trapped by your own habits of avoidance, you will be better able to open yourself up to opportunities, resources, and deeper connection. This process of opening up means not feeling compelled to avoid anything ever again. This is how we use your horoscope. This is how we use astrology.


Of course, we’re not seeking results for the sake of results, but we are seeking meaningful results; that is, results aligned with some vision of the future. There’s a difference between a “personal vision” and having a fulfilling and meaningful personal visionA fulfilling personal vision is more aligned with our deepest values/inspiration/strengths and more dedicated to contribution. This type of vision filters and focuses our attention and calls us beyond our personal compulsions, anxieties and rumination (i.e., beyond our self-obsession) towards more connection, more authenticity, and more freedom. Your vision need not be perfect; it just needs to guide and encourage you in your right direction—and each step in that direction will reveal new horizons. But this type of vision is generally inaccessible to one who is panic mode, who is more focused on putting out fires that have little/no relevance to their vision (and to who they want to become). These people tend to rely on astrology (including astrology remedies) to heal their lives for them rather than using the horoscope as a tool for the cultivation of their own self-awareness and freedom.

full moon tall grass professional birth chart reading vedic astrology analysis online
And we don’t often appreciate how many of our problems are a result of us avoiding our difficult thoughts and painful emotions (and avoiding the people/situations that produce these difficult thoughts and emotions). In short, our difficult thoughts and emotions are determining so much of our lives precisely because we avoid them.

The “Spiritual” Meanings of Planets in Signs:

A Personalized, Vedic Astrology Reading of Your Birth Chart based on Yogic Principles

This type of Vedic astrology reading is not predictive; Balrāj does not interpret the planets and signs for the sake of forecasting events. In fact, Balrāj does not offer predictive astrological readings of any kind (including “solar return” readings for the year ahead or any kind of generic horoscope predictions based on planets or zodiac signs—sun sign, moon sign, rising sign—new/full moon, solar and lunar eclipses, etc.).

This Vedic astrology is more of a psychological reading guided by the spiritual principles of yoga. This way of interpreting your individual horoscope employs principles of classical Indian spiritual paths/traditions intended to help you establish more freedom from your destructive and self-sabotaging habits, so you can experience deeper connection with yourself, with others, and with life itself. (Vedic Astrology is also known as Indian or Hindu astrology or, traditionally, “jyotiṣa” or simply, “jyotish”/“jyotisha”.)

In your comprehensive, 2-hour, personalized horoscope reading, we will address your questions about the area of life you feel is the source of your troubles, and we will explore how you might adapt your approach in order to liberate your own resources (so you may transform your situation). While astrology can certainly have healing qualities, you must ultimately take action. This change in action might even stem from coming to the realization that your existing problem has nothing to do with your vision and can be let go. Expecting a birth chart reading (or a gemstone or something similar) to heal your life might be re-producing the problem of avoidance. But deepening your self-connection allows you to filter and focus your attention and energy on the things that make your life path most meaningful, without the fear and insecurities. In this way, you (and your attention and energy) are not consumed by a need for those things that you think will make you feel complete. (This principle is also emphasized in our compatibility readings.)

  • This is a professional astrology reading with a full-time professional astrologer. This is not a psychic reading. 

  • This type of astrology is most suited to those who simply want astrological insights into their life situation but are not interested in learning about the world of astrology (planets, signs, etc.). 

  • This is a live, virtual astrology reading of your birth chart. It will occur via video conference.

  • This natal chart reading lasts approximately two to two-and-a-half hours. We ask that you please always allocate up to one hour of extra time for birth chart readings with Balrāj.

  • This type of astrology reading is particularly beneficial for those interested in astrology (and who believe it can help them), but for whom past readings have been dissatisfying, leaving the with no plan, not knowing what to do next. These feel astrology can be helpful but their past experiences have been missing something.

BIRTH CHART INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS: your birth informationyour date of birth, birth location, and your birth time (accurate within five minutes)is a requirement for natal chart readings. If you are not sure if your time of birth is accurate enough, please let us know before scheduling. Your precise birth location (e.g., birth hospital) is preferred for your horoscope calculation since we enter coordinates manually. After scheduling your professional birth chart reading, we will review the birth details that you provide and contact you to confirm their accuracy.

professional birth chart reading

Make sense of the all the moving parts in your life.
Receive a reality check & face your struggles with dignity.
Feel deeply seen; allow yourself to forgive/accept yourself.
Stop asking the wrong questions; experience more choice & empowerment.
Experience the power of vision; connect with something beyond your ego.
No predictions; this is a Vedic reading that helps you create a more meaningful life.

2 hours

conditions & policies

effective January 2023

  1. Astrology consultations (end everything before/after your consultation) are conducted in English. 

  2. Any/all information provided to you in your Vedic professional natal chart reading is intended as guidance. Each client retains the right to use this information/guidance at their own discretion, and remains fully responsible for their decisions/actions. Balrāj is a yogin, personal development and stress coach, meditation teacher, professional Vedic astrologer, and certified hypnotist. He does not provide therapy or counselling and is not a therapist, counsellor, and/or mental health professional.

  3. All data provided to Balrāj (all things, including your personal information) and/or related to Vedic astrology is strictly confidential, and will not be shared with or sold to any third party, unless required by law.

  4. Though you will not be charged a fee to cancel/re-schedule your Vedic astrology reading, we kindly request that appointments be cancelled/re-scheduled one-to-two days in advance. If you re-schedule your Vedic astrological consultation, please note that you may be required to wait several weeks/months for a Vedic reading of your astrology birth chart. 

  5. Due to the level of preparation involved in each astrology chart reading (your Vedic astrology chart interpretation), refunds will not be given unless Balrāj is ultimately unable to deliver your online astrology reading. Balrāj does not use interpretations of your birth chart created by birth chart calculators or astrology sites (Vedic or otherwise). All Vedic birth chart astrology readings are conducted by Balrāj. Though planets’ positions (and various other components of Vedic astrology charts such as planets’ varga positions, planets’ ṣadbala, various nakṣatra calculations, daśā-s, varṣaphala, calculations used in Jaiminī techniques, and various other calculations), are determined by astrological software, all interpretations of natal charts are produced by Balrāj.

  6. Balrāj’s approach to Vedic astrology uses the principles and methods of Vedic Spiritual-Psychological Astrology to interpret the planets and signs of your birth chart in his professional astrology readings, one principle of which is that he does not make predictions. This way of reading birth charts emphasizes self-awareness; he does not read your natal chart in order to make make predictions about your future. In fact, none of his Vedic astrology readings are conducted in order to make predictions. Each Vedic horoscope chart reading is uniquely interpreted by Balrāj. 

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