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july 2024

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I teach yoga philosophy. In my private work, I help executives and entrepreneurs manage their emotions to be more effective in high-pressure environments and high-stakes relationship-building situations. To do this, I offer private coaching and advisory services. In July 2024, I wrote an article outlining a yogic perspective on leadership wellbeing & emotional management.

Speak with me about your situation by scheduling a free 45-minute Clarity Call.

current activities

I have written a guide to spiritual yoga. This guide is meant for those who want to understand the basic philosophy and practice(s) of yoga without any “technical” language. In this guide, I answer such questions as, what is yoga actually aboutWhat is yoga intended to accomplishHow can yoga reduce my “suffering” and make my life better? The philosophy I outline in this guide underlies everything I do here at, including helping influential leaders become more effective.

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this page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

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