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balrāj, yogin, yoga philosophy and spirituality teacher, executive wellness and leadership

Yogin & Private Coach/Advisor

I teach traditional yoga philosophy and help leaders become more effective.

I teach traditional yoga philosophy. In my private work, I help executives & entrepreneurs manage their emotions to be more effective in high-pressure environments and critical relationship-building situations.

My approach to managing emotions is guided by the simple and profound wisdom of the spiritual traditions born on the Indian subcontinent. Generally speaking, these spiritual traditions were meant to solve the problem of the anxieties caused by various forms of personal “suffering”. These approaches were especially wary of our tendency to adopt solutions that reinforce the very problems we are attempting to subvert. Above all, they encouraged a certain quality of “self-awareness (as opposed to immediately trying to fix/eliminate whatever is uncomfortable).

My “mission” is to teach this kind of self-awareness and its ethical consequence—‘I am better when everyone is better’—and to teach the crucial role of “self-acceptance” in the cultivation of self-awareness. People who feel okay with themselves don’t interpret the world based on their personal desire to matter more, but are rather more open to recognize that they are embedded in structures of dependence that precede and exceed them. Self-criticism reinforces our sense of “inner lack”, obscures confidence and resources, and can motivate a person to pursue self-destructive ways of securing themselves against their insecurities. People who feel okay with themselves make it easier for others to feel okay with themselves. They suffer less, contribute more, and experience deeper and more meaningful connection—with themselves and with others—and live with a greater sense of belonging. Being less self-obsessed, they are more open and flexible, more spontaneous and creative—and this allows them to experience the most growth, development, and connection. I want people to feel okay with themselves. I want people to become aware of who and what they/we ‘really’ are. This kind of self-awareness creates the conditions for changing our lives.


I help executives manage their emotions (so that they become more effective) in order to inject something like “compassion” into organizations from the top down. I help leaders become more effective by helping them cultivate the capacity for deep inner calm, focus, clarity, resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. A reactive approach to leadership produces poor relationships with teams and stakeholders and wasted time/resources on solutions that don’t address root causes. A leadership approach centred on heightened clarity and awareness (of themselves and their organizations) empowers leaders to shape strategy that is maximally beneficial. This approach produces the patience and confidence to find root causes, make sharper decisions, and pursue continuous and sustainable improvement. This approach also produces the emotional flexibility/intelligence to create healthier and more supportive and collaborative work environments that drive innovation (especially in times of volatility) and foster wellbeing. Ultimately, leaders who are more (self) aware and (emotionally) intelligent are more effective and valuable, and create more of a lasting, positive impact on their organizations and the world.

I received a BA (Hons) and MSc (Oxon) studying South Asia and India respectively. I then obtained an MA in philosophy, defending my thesis on phenomenological method. I received a Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University and the title of Yoga Vidyā from my teacher.

To learn more about if I might be able to help you, take a look at who we work with and then schedule a free call. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

I wish each and every one of you perfect health, unlimited prosperity, and profound inner peace. 

Best wishes.



Toronto, Canada

July 2024

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