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about balrāj

helping those whose anxieties (& mindset) are restricting their growth

Balraj is, above all else, a yogin (or “yogi”).

Balrāj’s approach to stress/anxiety and personal (meaningful) growth is guided by the simple and profound wisdom of the spiritual traditions born on the Indian subcontinent. Generally speaking, these spiritual traditions were meant to solve the problem of anxiety, and required developing the capacity to sit with our anxiety rather than avoid it (so that our anxiety wasn’t directly or indirectly determining the course of our life). In these traditions, learning to sit with one’s anxiety was the very beginning of experiencing freedom from the compulsions and anxieties of our habitual self (and developing self-awareness). Simple, yes. But certainly not easy. And always made more difficult by craving the state of being that we think is on the other side of anxiety (which is just another way of trying to avoid our anxiety). The resulting inner stability allows us to pay heed to our own inspirations, motivations, values, and needs. This allows us to access a fulfilling life of meaningful growth.

Balrāj is also a professional astrologer & certified hypnotist.

As a Vedic astrologer, Balrāj uses your birth chart to identify and articulate the tensions underlying your major anxieties, allowing you to make sense of the moving parts of your life (including your past). The intent of a psychological Vedic astrology reading is to produce self-awareness, identifying the major tensions in your life that pull you in different directions (and which are often the root cause of  your stress). A reading often provides something of a “reality check” and encourages you to stop asking the wrong questions. As a conversational hypnotist, Balrāj takes you straight into the heart of your anxieties, beneath the “murky” (and frustrating) experience of attempting to address your anxieties. This process—of getting to the heart of your anxiety—gives your unconscious the space to access clarity, thus liberating resources hidden in/by repressive behaviours (and produces—often unexpected—behavioural change).

Balrāj is a private personal development & stress management coach. He also teaches traditional yoga spiritual philosophy.

In his private work, he helps professionals and business owners whose anxieties and psychology/mindset are restricting their personal and professional growth. Balrāj helps clients find clarity and confront their stress and anxieties (including whatever thoughts and feelings, people and situations produce these anxieties) so that their anxieties no longer restrict their growth (because if you’re not sure where you’re going, stress reduction usually only creates a vacuum for more stress). This is the beginning of self-awareness, freedom from self-sabotaging habits, and meaningful growth. Ultimately, dealing with stress (or reducing stress) is just a matter of being able to remain with it (rather than letting it determine your life by avoiding it). From this place, one are able to liberate resources that were hitherto trapped in repressive habitual behaviours. Balrāj also offers private half-day personal growth workshops to address issues around a lack of clarity and self sabotage.


In his public work, he teaches the philosophy of traditional yoga from the perspective of existential phenomenology (i.e., spiritual yoga), and in 2022 was featured in an article published by one of India’s largest news networks (ABP News) that discusses the relationship between contemporary yoga practices and the spiritual goals of traditional yoga.⁣⁣

To learn more about how Balrāj might be able to help you, take a look at who we work with and then schedule your free Clarity Call with Balrāj.


Balrāj lives in Toronto, Canada.

Balrāj, MA, MSc (Oxon), BA (Hons)

Balrāj received a BA (Hons) and MSc (Oxon) studying South Asia and India respectively. He then obtained an MA in philosophy, defending his thesis on phenomenological method. He received his Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University and the title of Yoga Vidyā from his teacher. Balrāj received his astrological training from a respected South Indian family of paṇḍits spanning several generations in the Tamil Nāḍu region of South India.

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