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Overcome anxiety & self-sabotage.
Find inner clarity and inner calm.

who we work with

On this page you’ll find descriptions of the types of people we work with (and what these people do to ensure their success).

You might be a great fit for us if you experience one or more of the following:

  • Your stress/anxiousness is becoming unmanageable and is affecting your life adversely. Your experience of anxiety could be primarily cognitive (excessive worry/fear/stress, panic, difficulty concentrating, etc.), and/or physical/somatic (including sleep disorders, muscle tension, poor digestion, etc.).

  • You want peace but are worried that you’ll repeat the same “mistakes” or “failures” and you aren’t sure how to break these cycles. You want to stop sabotaging yourself and fear that worry that you may become (or already) depressed.

  • You know you need to commit to finding inner calm and taking better care of yourself but you need something deeper than “anxiety hacks”, and you need a clear, defined, personalized path that shows you how to find inner calm.

  • You feel that you should be fulfilled but aren’t, and you’re not sure what to do about it. Perhaps you’ve experienced success in some area(s) of life, but your anxieties remain and you can’t seem to enjoy any kind of lasting happiness. You want clarity in yourself about how to move forward in a way that allows you to stay grounded and connected to your values so that your life feels meaningful.

  • You’ve spent a tremendous amount of attention (energy, time, money) distracting yourself in a potentially addictive way, trying to fixing some material problem that you think is the cause of your unhappiness and:

  • you’re still trying to solve your problem and are tired of investing in methods that promise magical solutions. You now feel that you need to confront your problem directly.

  • you’ve solved your material problem and realized that solving it didn’t produce the lasting fulfillment you thought you would receive.

  • You want to maintain your dignity as you confront your struggles.

  • You realize that (1) something has to change, (2) what has to change is you, and (3) the change has to happen right now.

You will be a great fit for us if you are ready and willing to take action in one or more of the following ways:

  • You are committed to cultivating inner peace and making this a long-term priority in your life (instead of just managing discomfort or looking for a magical solution to fix your problem for you). You want more than just tools to manage your overwhelming emotions.

  • You’re committed to experiencing a better relationship with yourself: greater self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-love (without becoming selfish), and you understand that your quest for a “perfect” life (material, emotional, intellectual, etc.) actually reinforces your sense of emptiness rather than frees you from it. 

  • You’re willing to look closely at yourself. You are willing to learn about those parts of yourself that you’ve neglected or avoided, and are ready to finally face your overwhelming emotions, uncomfortable feelings, negative thoughts, etc., and own up to your desires with courage and awareness. 

  • You are willing to look at the ways that you may have been responsible for your own limitations, including your self-sabotaging behavior. You’ve realized that change is impossible if you’re convinced that life is happening to you. In other words, you are willing to develop clarity about yourself and your unconscious habits so that you may become more empowered.

  • You are open to trying something new (and perhaps counterintuitive) that may make your current ‘self’ uncomfortable, but you understand that changing your life means changing yourself in some important way(s)—even if it means experiencing discomfort.

  • You’re willing to reconnect with your natural inspirations (which have been obscured by the demands of life and/or abandoned in the quest for status/money/love, etc.). 

You would not be a good fit for us if you are looking for one or more of the following:

  • tactics to “manage” (or suppress/eliminate) your overwhelming emotions, intrusive thoughts, anxieties, rumination, etc.

  • a cure for a medical and/or mental health condition.

  • a ritual or metaphysical or magical solution that will instantly fix a worldly problem you are currently experiencing.

  • something that can make you permanently happy (including an astrology reading/program).

  • a decision to be made for you about something, including your career.

  • a guru who will provide you with approval and/or grant absolution.

  • 100% certainty that some commitment will be fruitful (because you assume that you would be able to make this commitment if only you were certain it would work).

  • an astrological prediction about if or when you will have, do, or be something you desire or fear.

  • a discussion of your astrology birth chart (instead of directly confronting the problems/suffering in your actual, lived experience) or an introduction to astrology or hypnosis or yoga (i.e., you’re looking to satisfy some curiosity).

 A limited number of professional birth chart readings and self-awareness relationship compatibility readings will be made available each month, as Balrāj is focusing his efforts on his private, online, 6-week program helping people overcome anxiety using the wisdom and practices of classical yoga, astrology, and conversational hypnosis. To see if this program would suit your needs, learn more here or schedule a free call with Balrāj using the link below.

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