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Stress Management & Personal Development
from a Yogic Perspective

who we work with

We primarily help business owners and professionals who are having a problem with inner clarity, personal strategy, and/or execution. Common examples include:

  • Their stress and anxiety are restricting their earnings. They know what they should be doing in order to grow but find themselves unable to execute.

  • Their anxiety around a relationship (or a lack thereof) is restricting their ability to connect with themselves and act on their own personal needs, inspirations, and build their own lives based on a clear, personal vision/strategy.

  • They’ve experienced plenty of success in their life and feel that they should be fulfilled but aren’t (and they’re not sure what to do about it). They are unclear about how to move forward.

You might be a great fit for us if you experience one/more of the following:

  • Your experience of stress and anxiety is preventing you from acting in ways that you know will benefit your personal or professional life. You know you should be more successful but you’re struggling to get yourself to do the things you know you need to do achieve your goals.  

  • Your attention is taken up by relationship struggles (and/or by an imaginary—ideal—relationship that you don’t have), and this is costing you your connection to your own personal needs, inspirations, and vision for the future. You may even feel that you’ve wasted years of your life doing this (and some recent occurrence in your life has recently made you starkly aware of this).

  • You feel that you should be fulfilled but aren’t, and you’re not sure what to do about it. Perhaps you’ve experienced success in some area(s) of life, but your anxieties remain and you can’t seem to enjoy any kind of lasting happiness. You want clarity in yourself about how to move forward in a way that allows you to feel grounded and that you’re living a meaningful life.

  • You’re missing opportunities because of anxiety: you question your own competence and you don’t trust (and are frustrated with) yourself. But even though you know that you’re smarter than your current earnings suggest, you feel stuck in cycles of anxiety and self-sabotage.

  • Your experience of stress and anxiety is affecting your productivity, cognitive functioning, problem-solving, time management, etc.

  • Your experience of stress and anxiety is affecting your personal and/or professional relationships. Interpersonal conflict leads to excessive irritability and affects your ability to connect professionally (networking, delegation, management, etc.) or personally (feelings of disconnection, poor work-life balance).

  • You are wasting time in not addressing self-destructive behaviours/addictions and/or pursuing opportunities for growth.

  • Your experience of stress and anxiety is preventing you from connecting with yourself—your deepest values, some sense of meaning/purpose—and, as a result, life feels empty when you’re not busy avoiding the feelings of emptiness.

  • Your experience of stress and anxiety is preventing you from drowning out all of the noise in your life, preventing you from setting boundaries and achieving a sense of stability and direction amidst the uncertainty.

  • Your experience of stress and anxiety is preventing you from simply being more present and feeling “connected” (to yourself, others, and to life itself).

  • Your experience of stress and anxiety is preventing you from feeling that you are making an impact.

  • Your stress responses are primarily cognitive (excessive worry, panic, self-criticism, insecurity, negativity, inability to cope, fear of failure, difficulty concentrating, etc.)

  • Your stress responses include physical/somatic (including sleep disorders, muscle tension, poor digestion, etc.). 

  • You aren’t sure how to break your cycles of stress/anxiety and self-sabotage. You know you need something deeper than “anxiety hacks”, and want to understand the root cause of your stress.

  • You are unhappy about the way(s) you react to stressful thoughts and feelings.

  • You feel left behind.

  • You’ve been unable to address your stress and anxiety and it is affecting your work-life balance: you can’t seem to build habits of self-care, establish boundaries, and/or figure out how to use technology more mindfully.

  • You’ve solved some of the material problems that you assumed were causing your anxiety and realized that solving it didn’t produce the relief you thought it would.

  • You are interested in astrology but past readings have been dissatisfying, leaving you with no plan, not knowing what to do next. You feel astrology can be helpful but your past experiences have been missing something.

  • Your anxiety / stress levels are becoming unmanageable. You realize that (1) something has to change, (2) what has to change is you, and (3) the change has to happen right now.

  • You want to maintain your dignity as you confront your struggles.

  • Stress management techniques have been ineffective. You need a plan that helps you address how stress/anxiety is functioning in your life; you need individualized stress management coaching. In fact, the very attempt to reduce stress seems to be producing more stress rather than producing stress relief.

You will be a great fit for us if you are ready and wiling to take action in one or more of the following ways:

  • You’re ready to confront your anxiety rather than being stuck in an endless cycle (and bearing the consequences) of trying to “eliminate” or run from it.

  • You’re willing to look closely at yourself. You are willing to learn about those parts of yourself that you’ve neglected or avoided, and are ready to finally face your overwhelming emotions, uncomfortable feelings, negative thoughts, etc.. You are also willing to look at the ways that you may have been responsible for your own limitations.

  • You’re committed to developing new habits rather than simply looking for tools to managing discomfort (or a magical solution to fix your problem for you). In order to cultivate these new habits, you are open to trying something new (and perhaps counterintuitive) that may make your current ‘self’ uncomfortable, but you understand that changing your life means changing yourself.

  • You’re committed to experiencing a better relationship with yourself (greater self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-connection, etc.).

  • You’re willing to reconnect with your natural inspirations (which have been obscured by the demands of life and/or abandoned in the quest for status/money/love, etc.). 

  • You’re aware of your perfectionist tendencies and understand that your quest for a “perfect” life (material, emotional, intellectual, etc.) actually reinforces a sense of emptiness rather than frees one from it. 

You would not be a good fit for us if you are looking for one or more of the following:

  • tactics to suppress, eliminate, or even “manage” your overwhelming emotions, intrusive thoughts, anxieties, rumination, etc., including stress reduction techniques, or any kind of “anxiety hacks”.

  • a ritual or metaphysical or magical solution that will instantly fix a worldly problem you are currently experiencing.

  • a decision to be made for you about something, including your career.

  • a “guru” who will provide you with approval and/or grant absolution.

  • 100% certainty that some commitment will be fruitful (because you assume that you would actually make this commitment if only you were certain that it would work).

  • an astrological prediction about if or when you will have, do, or be something you desire (or fear).

  • a cure for a medical and/or mental health condition.

  • to satisfy some curiosity about yoga/meditation/breathwork, psychological astrology, and/or hypnosis (instead of directly confronting the problems/suffering in your actual, lived experience).

Not sure if you would be a good fit?

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