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Stress Management & Personal Development
from a Yogic Perspective

who we work with

We primarily help business owners & professionals whose anxieties are preventing them from reaching their earning potential.

  • They are getting in their own way.

    • They are not doing what they know they should be doing in order to grow; they find themselves unable to consistently do the critical few things that they know will produce results.

    • Their inner life has caused them to miss opportunities.

    • They find themselves unwilling/unable to abandon the strategies that have earned them success thus far (the abandonment of which is required for further growth).

  • They are facing a change in their life circumstances that requires growth.

    • They are unclear about the critical few things they should be doing in order to produce the most (meaningful) results.

    • A meaningful relationship is suffering due to their lack of success/performance. (Alternatively, the lack of a meaningful relationship is producing intrusive anxiety that is preventing them from establishing self-connection and a personal vision.)

    • A recent/upcoming major event/transition (e.g., marriage/divorce, family/health issue, retirement, etc.) is forcing them to reevaluate their financial future.

  • They are committed to high-performance and meaningful growth.

    • They have experienced growth/success and do not want to remain complacent. 

    • They feel that their existing stress/anxiety is meaningless and want to experience more meaningful growth. They want their anxieties to serve them rather than imprison them.

You might be a great fit for us if you experience one/more of the following:

  • Your anxieties are preventing you from acting in ways that you know will benefit your personal or professional life. You know you should be more successful but you’re struggling to get yourself to do the things you know you need to do achieve your goals. As a result, you may even feel that, “there’s something wrong with me”.

  • Your attention is taken up by relationship anxiety (and/or by an imaginary—ideal—relationship that you don’t have), and this is costing you your connection to your own personal needs, inspirations, and vision for the future. You may even feel that you’ve wasted years of your life doing this (and some recent occurrence in your life has recently made you starkly aware of this).  These people are typically in stressful relationships, have just ended a significant relationship, or are stressed because they are not in a relationship.

  • You’re missing opportunities because of stress and anxiety: you question your own competence and you don’t trust (and are frustrated with) yourself. And even though you know that you’re smarter than your current earnings suggest, you feel stuck in cycles of anxiety and self-sabotage.

  • You often feel that you could succeed if only you had more information about the future.

  • Your anxieties are affecting your productivity, cognitive functioning, problem-solving, time management, etc.

  • Your anxieties are affecting your personal and/or professional relationships. Interpersonal conflict leads to excessive irritability and affects your ability to connect professionally (networking, delegation, management, etc.) or personally (feelings of disconnection, poor work-life balance).

  • You feel that you are wasting time in not addressing self-destructive behaviours/addictions and/or pursuing opportunities for growth.

  • Your anxieties are preventing you from connecting with yourself—your deepest values, some sense of meaning/purpose—and, as a result, life feels empty when you’re not busy avoiding the feelings of emptiness. Your anxieties are preventing you from simply being more present and feeling “connected” (to others and to life itself).

  • Your anxieties are preventing you from drowning out all of the noise in your life, preventing you from setting boundaries and achieving a sense of stability and direction amidst the uncertainty.

  • Your lack of growth leaves you  feeling that you are not making an impact. You want meaningful growth, not just the blind pursuit of skills/goals. You want more so you can do more and give more.

  • Your work-life balance is affecting your growth: you can’t seem to build habits of self-care, establish boundaries, and/or figure out how to use technology more mindfully.

  • Your stress responses are primarily cognitive (excessive worry, panic, self-criticism, insecurity, negativity, inability to cope, fear of failure, difficulty concentrating, etc.), and may include physical/somatic symptoms (including sleep disorders, muscle tension, poor digestion, etc.). 

  • You are unhappy about the way(s) you react to stressful thoughts and feelings.

  • You feel left behind.

  • Stress management techniques have been ineffective. You need a plan that helps you address how stress/anxiety is functioning in your life; you need individualized stress management coaching. In fact, the very attempt to reduce stress seems to be producing more stress rather than producing stress relief.

  • You know you need something deeper than “anxiety hacks”, and want to build a foundation for long-term growth. You’re ready to confront your anxieties rather than being stuck in an endless cycle (and bearing the consequences) of trying to “eliminate” or run from it.

  • You’ve solved some of the material problems that you assumed were causing your anxiety and realized that solving it didn’t produce the relief you thought it would. You want clarity in yourself about how to move forward in a way that allows you to feel grounded and that you’re living a meaningful life.

  • You are interested in astrology (and believe it can help you), but past readings have been dissatisfying, leaving you with no plan, not knowing what to do next. You feel astrology can be helpful but your past experiences have been missing something.

  • The results of your anxieties are becoming unmanageable. You realize that (1) something has to change, (2) what has to change is you, and (3) the change has to happen right now.

  • You want to maintain your dignity as you confront your struggles.

Not sure if you would be a good fit?

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