Classical eastern spiritual traditions weren’t concerned with solving the ego’s problems. Instead, these traditions were concerned with freeing awareness from the limitations imposed by the ego’s desire for permanent security. Freed from these limitations, one has no choice but to engage more fully in/with life.

janma kuṇḍlī

birth chart reading

The ancient spiritual traditions born in India provided practices for freeing the self from the old (inherited) maps (habits/memories/“karmas”) that are inscribed in the breath and body (which prevent you from living according to what inspires you). These habits are deeper than individual memory, and mostly remain unconscious. And yet these old maps are determining our perceiving, acting, choosing, feeling, and even our thinking. Consider the following: can you predict your next thought?

Your efforts to change/fix/solve yourself reinforce the very ‘self’ from which spiritual practices are intended to free you. Instead, by focusing your efforts on making these implicit habits explicit (rather than remaining in the grip of compulsions, anxieties, and rumination), the troubles of your ‘self’ seemingly begin to sort themselves out. A psychological-spiritual (or “psycho-spiritual”) Vedic birth chart reading functions like a kind of mirror: it shows elements of (the unconscious) you to (the conscious) you. (Learn more about the principles of psychospiritual astrology.)

Consider this: to avoid painful/disturbing emotions and thoughts, we develop a range of habits that keep particular people, places, and things away from us. Our fulfillment is often precisely in this, in the tangled emotions connected to the very things we avoid. Opening to life—unconditionally—means not avoiding anything ever again.

Of course, a simple intellectual understanding of deeper habits and patterns is rarely enough to affect your lived experience. Classical spiritual traditions prescribed practices precisely because theory wasn’t enough. This is most important: without practice—without implementation—change is near impossible. If change is not produced spontaneously (which is, by definition, unpredictable), it is produced by re-habituation.

In your comprehensive, initial 90-minute psychospiritual Vedic birth chart reading, Balrāj identifies and addresses the most significant ways in which your inherited habits/memories are sabotaging your own efforts to find a sense of freedom from limitations (to act according to your deepest inspirations). Balrāj is not a predictive astrologer; he does not offer predictive birth chart readings. 

Balrāj’s psychospiritual Vedic birth chart readings are ideal for those with concerns that include (but are not limited to) those on the following list. While one/more of these areas may very much appear to be the ‘cause’ of your most serious concerns, you may be surprised to know that that there are likely more efficient means to find relief, and these means may have nothing to do with this ‘cause’ itself.


  • career/vocation/business

  • health/medical

  • children/fertility

  • relationships/marriage

  • spirituality & inner life

  • identity & values

  • productivity/achievement

  • home & family life

  • social life & friendship


A birth chart reading includes simple, pragmatic remedial suggestions; the information you receive in your reading is meant to be integrated and utilized in a direct and concrete way. No rituals, no amulets, no magic. Awareness and courage are enough.


An initial birth chart reading can be combined with a session in private yoga, called churning the ocean. These combined sessions offer direct experiences of functional breathwork, classical meditation, and an expressive form of writing based on your chart. The purpose of these sessions is not to solve your personal problems but to create the conditions for a kind of freedom from your compulsions/anxieties, allow you to meet with whatever arises in your life (thoughts/emotions/situations) and not avoid anything ever again.


For those who require something closer to coaching or astrological counselling services, a (discounted) package of multiple consultations is also available to those committed to making conscious changes in any area of their life. Multiple consultations provide specific guidance and support in implementing changes in a simple and systematic way and also hold you accountable throughout the process. This includes those looking to make changes to their health, finances, relationships, etc. 

If you have never had a birth chart reading with Balrāj, please select “initial birth chart reading”. The “follow-up consultation” is a single session available to those who have had an initial birth chart reading with Balrāj. To accommodate those with different degrees of access to financial resources, a rate reduction can be offered. Please contact us.

BIRTH TIME REQUIREMENT: generally speaking, birth times accurate within 5-10 minutes will suffice for a non-predictive reading (though this is not always true). If you are not sure if your birth time is accurate enough, please feel free to contact us before scheduling your consultation. (Though Balrāj is not a predictive astrologer, birth times accurate within 2-3 minutes will yield the most accurate results for predictive work.)

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initial birth chart reading

90 minutes


birth chart reading + churning the ocean session

120 minutes


follow-up consultations

30 minutes


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conditions & policies

effective January 2020

  1. Information provided in readings/consultations/reports is intended as guidance. Each client retains the right to use this information/guidance at their own discretion, and remains fully responsible their decisions/actions.

  2. All information provided to Balrāj and/or is strictly confidential, and will not be shared with or sold to any third party.

  3. Due to the level of preparation that precedes each reading, refunds will not be given unless Balrāj is ultimately unable to deliver the requested service.

  4. Though you will not be charged a fee to cancel/re-schedule your appointment, we kindly request that appointments be cancelled/re-scheduled 48 hours in advance.