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We help overwhelmed people find profound inner clarity and deep inner calm so they can live a more grounded, spiritual, and fulfilling life.

the yoga of
opening the heart

the costs of being overwhelmed (and not having inner clarity)

Various Mental and Emotional Challenges

Unwanted thoughts and painful emotions determine so much of our lives, but only because we avoid them (and our tendency to continue to avoid them means that they will continue to prevent us from being free). Who are you beneath your unwanted thoughts, overwhelming emotions, and your habitual compulsions and anxieties (and how are these phenomena contributing to mental health issues)? Greater calm means no longer being imprisoned by intrusive thoughts and troubling emotions. And greater clarity about yourself and the knots that keep you stuck allows for deeper self-connection, self-trust, self-confidence, and inner peace. You’ll no longer fear your own thoughts and emotions and no longer anxious about (and compelled to habitually avoid) situations and people that make you feel uncomfortable, including simply being yourself. Being less self-conscious means that your thinking/feeling/acting will be less (automatically) motivated by toxic self-interest, which will result in deeper connection and greater mental peace.

Dysfunctional Relationships

Escaping our difficult feelings and thoughts means escaping people and situations that produce these feelings and thoughts. This means that our loved ones can often be most victimized by our own inner challenges because your most intimate relationships are subject to the anxieties and compulsions of your instinctive self. In fact, your instinctive self affects the depth of connection you experience in all of your relationships. Greater clarity about yourself and your unconscious habits (i.e., greater self-awareness) and greater inner calm frees you from the grip of the more destructive parts of your instinctive self. This allows you to open the heart and purify “toxic” self-interested motivations (e.g., fear, sadness, grief, pity, cruelty, comparison, inauthenticity, jealousy, greed, etc.) and learn the meaning of participating in unconditional love. This dramatically reduces feelings of loneliness and increases your capacity for deep emotional connection, emotional intimacy, happiness, and social connection (so you can stop feeling lonely) and achieve inner peace.

A Lack of Meaning or Purpose

It’s difficult to pursue your most meaningful projects if you aren’t connected with your deepest values and if you spend your life avoiding what triggers disturbing thoughts/emotions and being pulled/pushed around by emotional overwhelm and self-criticism. When you habitually avoid situations and people that trigger unwanted thoughts and painful emotions, you’re actually avoiding yourself. Life becomes narrower and narrower (and you become more rigid). Spending your life running from yourself leads to anxiousness, alienation, and an unfulfilled life. Greater inner clarity and inner calm allow you to see how/where/when you are (habitually and automatically) imprisoned by overwhelm, creating space for you to evaluate the commitments you perhaps did not know you were making. This leads to deeper connection and greater self-trust, authenticity, freedom, and belief in your own inherent value. This allows you to connect with (and pursue) the things that make your life meaningful and worth living (without the fear, doubt, and insecurity) so you can live a more fulfilling life.

Action Avoidance

Instead of doing what you know is aligned with your core values, you feel overwhelmed and you procrastinate, miss opportunities, feel stuck, experience self-criticism (and even self-hate) and often end up feeling unfulfilled. Being emotionally overwhelmed by destructive or negative feelings and intense emotion can even cause you to attempt things (that you think will get you ‘unstuck’) that actually keep you trapped in (or even reinforce) old patterns. Finding clarity within yourself and your unconscious knots that keep you divided within yourself (i.e., greater self awareness) and greater inner calm allow you to more freely act in accordance with your more important values without trepidation. This means that you’re less concerned about “what others might think” and you can have a daily routine in which you actively pursue what makes you feel more connected, independent, empowered, and free (and allow you to connect with those who share our deepest values). Being aligned with our life values makes decision making easier and simpler.


It takes energy to continuously suppress your most painful emotions and unwanted thoughts (as you attempt to micro-manage your inner life and how others perceive of you). It takes energy to manage dysfunctional relationships. It takes energy to continue to ignore your “inner voice” and hide parts of yourself that you don’t like. And it takes energy to deal with overwhelm and such feelings as fear, greed, anger, sadness, pride, jealousy, delusion, etc. (And all of this wasted energy can even create physical health issues and leaves us feeling overwhelmed, whether we’re highly sensitive or not.) Greater inner clarity (about yourself and your unconscious habits) and greater inner calm free up this energy and allows for more simplicity, ease, joy, and freedom, less self-criticism, and more energy to experience what matters most to your true self so you can live a meaningful life. For some, this means becoming a more spiritual person. For others it could be as simple as finding more energy to pursue a hobby or deal with the stresses of one’s existing responsibilities.

Money & Time

The habits we develop to manage overwhelm often end up being expensive. These habits include “destructive” addictions (e.g., gambling, food, shopping, dysfunctional relationships, drugs/alcohol, attempting to “buy” connection/happiness, social media, etc.), but also addictions that we might not think to be destructive (e.g., spirituality, exercise, self-help, “helping” others and, again, attempting to “buy” connection/happiness, social media, etc.). Finding clarity within yourself calms the heart and allows your spending to be motivated by joy and connection and guided by the personal values of your true self (instead of remaining imprisoned by emotional pain, intrusive thoughts, and toxic self-interest). There is more faith in (and connection to) life itself (instead of a deep suspicion that life cannot be trusted). Freeing oneself of these destructive habits could result in retaining more material resources. Or it could give you the courage to pursue more resources. Or it could simply result in your being happier with the resources you already have.

how we help you find
inner clarity & inner calm

Vedic Astrology

Your efforts to change/fix/solve yourself can actually reinforce the very habitual self from which you are seeking freedom. Focusing on your ‘self’ can cause you to remain firmly in the grip of your compulsions, anxieties, and rumination. Focusing your efforts on making your implicit habits more explicit—gaining clarity about your habitual self—will allow you to see how your fulfillment is tied up in the tangled emotions connected to the things you avoid.


A professional Vedic psycho-spiritual birth chart reading is a rich source of inner clarity. It will provide you with a more meaningful connection to your past and to your current situation, greater self-connection and self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-love. You will feel deeply seen and be given a sense of choice and possibility. And you will be able to outline a path to better personal care to help you find inner peace.


Taking action without support, however, is often difficult, as Balrāj directly addresses the deepest issues in your chart. This is why coaching and conversational hypnosis are integral parts of the process of change.

Psycho-Spiritual Astrology Inner Clarity Coaching

Classical eastern spiritual traditions weren’t concerned with solving the ego’s problems. Instead, these traditions were concerned with freeing awareness from the limitations imposed by your habitual self’s desire for permanent security. Freed from these limitations, experiencing more clarity, calm, and deeper connection with yourself, with others, and with life itself is not optional.


Becoming clear about how much of your life is based on a relentless craving for permanent material/emotional/social security can have the effect of opening your heart to unconditional love and deepening the presence, meaning, and connection in your life (while deepening your capacity for happiness and reducing feelings of fear and loneliness and isolation). This means no longer avoiding aspects of yourself that you would prefer to (continue to) avoid.


This goes beyond simple spiritual life coaching or spirituality coaching, and well beyond providing quick and simple techniques that put you in control of your emotions. This is about the freedom, the source of inner clarity. And many believe that clarity is the path to inner peace. This is yoga.

Psycho-Spiritual Hypnosis

When addressing the deepest issues in your life, willpower and a purely intellectual understanding of your problem aren’t always enough to change your behaviours. Also, we often tend to employ remedial measures that only help us further bypass or even reinforce our problem rather than face it directly with courage and awareness. 


A source of inner clarity, conversational hypnosis allows us to harness the intelligence and resources of the unconscious mind to untie the knots that keep us stuck. It allows us to face our problem directly with deep (but fierce) compassion. The breakthroughs you experience are not simply intellectual, but rather produce unexpected behavioural and perspectival changes. The result is deeper clarity and integration—a sense of being less divided within yourself, less confusion & distraction—that allow you to connect with (and pursue) the things that make your life more grounded, spiritual, and meaningful (without the fear, doubt, and insecurity).

The unconscious is infinitely more capable than the ego could ever be.

what to do next: take a deep breath & find inner clarity & calm


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Having a natal chart reading done by Balraj was a remarkable experience. He delivered clarity by defining my shadow, this deep unconscious driving force in my life which was not serving me well. This was something that I was only vaguely aware of previously. The reading provided me with a deeper understanding of how this has led to disappoinments and unfullfilled areas in my life. Balraj gave me many suggestions for positive ways to open up more fully to life, how to evolve to where I want to be in the world. This experience was like a soul chiropractic adjustment.

Carl Jung says "Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate."  I mention this quote because it speaks directly to what Balraj can deliver to you in a reading. He will bring your unconscious map to the surface and you will be able to see it accurately and fully. This is liberating.


Balraj is a compassionate person who genuinely cares about each individual's well being in the world and their spiritual evolution. He is more than willing to lend a helping hand.  In this time spent with him during a reading, he will teach you. He will speak to your soul directly. 


Reston, Virginia, USA