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Avoiding your painful emotions and unwanted thoughts is costing you your happiness, your freedom, and a deeply meaningful life.

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the costs of avoiding your painful emotions & unwanted thoughts

  • Action avoidance. Instead of doing the things we know are important, we procrastinate, we miss opportunities, we feel stuck, and we don’t move towards the things we value.

  • A range of mental and emotional challenges. Painful thoughts and emotions dont disappear because we ignore them. They often show up in unexpected ways and make our more challenging struggles (anxiety, depression) more challenging.

  • Dysfunctional relationships. Escaping our difficult thoughts and emotions means escaping situations and people that produce these thoughts and emotions. Your most intimate relationships are subject to your instinctive self and its anxieties/compulsions.

  • A sense of being disconnected from life and other people. Connecting with life and other people requires being connected with yourself. Spending your life running from yourself will lead to isolation and alienation and not connection and freedom.

  • Money. The habits we develop in order to avoid painful emotions and intrusive thoughts are often expensive. This includes all types of addictions, including food, shopping, drugs/alcohol, etc..

  • A lack of meaning and purpose. Its often difficult to pursue your most meaningful projects if you avoid things or people or situations because they trigger disturbing thoughts/emotions. Life becomes narrower and narrower. Deepening the meaning of your life requires openness and commitment, and openness and commitment require courage and awareness.

  • A lack of energy. It takes energy to keep our shadow hidden.

psycho-spiritual astrology
yogic shadow work
can help

  • Your private reading and recommendations will be 100% unique to you. Your reading is live (not pre-recorded), so you can discuss your situation and begin to understand (and feel comfortable with) your painful emotions and intrusive thoughts.

  • You will gain clarity about how to move forward in life in order to continually bring light to (and achieve freedom from) your shadow. 

  • You will be come more aware of the very thoughts, emotions, and unconscious habits that you’re trying to escape (and escaping them is keeping you stuck). This means that youll be less imprisoned by these thoughts, emotions, and habits.

  • You will be more okay with yourself. You will open the door to experiencing more self-acceptance, and self-love.

  • You will experience deeper and more meaningful relationships because you will not be subject to your instinctive self (and its tendency to avoid vulnerability).

  • You will save money. Youll be less imprisoned by the addictions that are often developed to avoid painful emotions and intrusive thoughts.

  • You will learn why willpower and intellectual understanding simply arent enough. You will experience the wisdom and power of eastern spiritual teachings and practices in a way that is practical and directly relevant to you and your situation.

  • You will have more energy. You will free up the energy that you’ve spent keeping your shadow in the dark.

Having a natal chart reading done by Balraj was a remarkable experience. He delivered clarity by defining my shadow, this deep unconscious driving force in my life which was not serving me well. This was something that I was only vaguely aware of previously. The reading provided me with a deeper understanding of how this has led to disappoinments and unfullfilled areas in my life. Balraj gave me many suggestions for positive ways to open up more fully to life, how to evolve to where I want to be in the world. This experience was like a soul chiropractic adjustment.

Carl Jung says "Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate."  I mention this quote because it speaks directly to what Balraj can deliver to you in a reading. He will bring your unconscious map to the surface and you will be able to see it accurately and fully. This is liberating.


Balraj is a compassionate person who genuinely cares about each individual's well being in the world and their spiritual evolution. He is more than willing to lend a helping hand.  In this time spent with him during a reading, he will teach you. He will speak to your soul directly. 


Reston, Virginia, USA