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Profit is not optional,
but neither is fulfillment.

writing clearly

for solopreneurs

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients (while maintaining your dignity)?

Are you spending too much time doing things in your business that you just don’t enjoy?

Would you like to feel good when you talk about who you are and what you do?

Who Are You?

You’re a self-employed professional involved in consulting/counselling work:

  • Coach (e.g., life/business coach, astrologer, therapist/counsellor, etc.)

  • Healer or holistic practitioner (e.g., yoga/meditation teacher, nutritionist, etc.)

What Are Your Concerns?

  • You’re struggling to attract clients (or you don’t enjoy working with some/many of the clients you’re already getting)

  • You’re missing out on business opportunities by not having an effective website; your writing/speaking doesn’t have the impact that it could

  • You know you have to start doing “marketing” but don’t know where to start (or even if you’d feel good about doing it); you have no interest in hype, or being pushy

  • You’re working too hard and not receiving the results you want

  • You want profits, yes, but you want fulfillment even more

What Do You Want?

  • A consistent flow of your ideal clients

  • Clarity; you want to be able to say what you do and who you help in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and what you do

  • Marketing communications that feel good; you love connecting with people (but aren’t crazy about social media)

  • An effective website that clearly communicates your offerings and your value

  • Fulfilling work; you want to focus on the things you actually enjoy doing rather than things you feel you need to do

How Can We Help?

It’s not about becoming better at selling; it’s about clarity. It’s about clarity for yourself and others about:

  • Yourself:

    • What are you doing to get in your own way?

    • Where will you find your fulfillment in life?

  • Your business:

    • Whom—specifically—do you help?

    • What specific problem(s) do you help these people solve?

    • What specific outcome will you provide?


Being clear about these things helps you to focus your efforts on your specific audience’s needs and on reaching these people in places they are likely to be. In this way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by all of things you think you should be doing.

And because you’re spending more time doing the few things you love about what you do, you’ll become better and better at your craft, all the while enjoying the process/journey (instead of obsessing about particular outcomes).

Why Balrāj?

Balrāj is a psychospiritual astrologer. The aim of psychospiritual astrology is not solving specific problems, but is rather about moving towards one’s fulfillment unconditionally, freeing oneself from the limitations imposed by the habitual self. What makes him unique?

  • Balrāj is most concerned with fulfillment: even if you hit your profit goals, would you be fulfilled? If your objective is to feel a sense of fulfillment in your life, then shouldn’t fulfillment guide your business choices/decisions?

  • Balrāj doesn’t need to spend years figuring out what your destructive habits are and what you need to do in order to step into your fulfillment; he reads your chart and provides coaching on the basis of understanding you.

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