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Your writing doesn’t have the clarity and impact that it should. 

And this doesn’t feel good.

writing clearly

for non-fiction writing projects

For almost 15 years, Balrāj has worked with published faculty (and doctoral candidates) in various academic fields as a developmental and substantive editor of manuscripts, proposals, conference presentations, and even job documents.

Who Are You?

  • You’re starting, working through, or trying to finish a non-fiction writing project in a field related to yoga/meditation/spirituality, philosophy, politics, astrology. You might be an academic, independent scholar, blog writer, solopreneuretc.

What Are Your Concerns?

  • You don’t know if you’re clearly communicating your ideas.

  • You don’t know if your ideas are worth communicating; you don’t know (or can’t clearly articulate) the value of your ideas.

  • You can’t seem to get started and then you can’t seem to finish; for whatever reason, you’re taking much too long to produce a finished piece of writing and it’s affecting your creativity and your life more generally.

  • Your relationship with the writing process isn’t conducive to consistently producing high-quality writing.

  • Despite your best efforts, your writing has had the same weaknesses for as long as you can remember (and you don’t know what to do about it).

  • You (think you) can’t write because you’re overwhelmed by all of the things you (think you) should be doing.

  • You’re afraid that your writing will be harshly criticised and you’d like to maintain your dignity while improving your writing.

What Do You Want?

  • Clarity. You want to be able to clearly communicate your thinking (and the value of your thinking) in a way makes you feel good about yourself and what you do.

  • Consistent production. You may not want to be prolific, but you certainly need to write more and know you could benefit from: (a) being held accountable by a coach, and (b) a fulfilling writing habit that is consistent with your vision of yourself as a writer, spending more time doing the few things you love about what you do, you’ll become better and better at your craft, all the while enjoying the process/journey (instead of obsessing about particular outcomes).

  • You want to feel comfortable with your writing and the writing process in general. You want to be prolific but you want to enjoy being prolific.

  • Insightful advice that suits you and your writing and your writing projects and your habits/strengths; you don’t want generic advice you could read in any book on writing.

  • Compassion. You want to maintain your dignity as you confront your writing struggles.

Why Balrāj?

  • Balrāj has almost 15 years of experience doing developmental and substantive editing with academics.

  • Balrāj is a psychospiritual astrologer. The aim of psychospiritual astrology is not solving specific problems, but is rather about moving towards one’s fulfillment unconditionally, freeing oneself from the limitations imposed by the habitual self.

    • ​Balrāj is most concerned with fulfillment: even if you hit your publication goals, would you automatically experience lasting fulfillment? If you’re doing this work because you expect it to be fulfilling, then shouldn’t fulfillment guide how you choose to hone your craft?

    • If you so choose, Balrāj can take a look at your astrological chart so he doesn’t need to spend much time figuring out what your destructive habits are and what you need to do in order to step into your fulfillment. He reads your chart and provides coaching on the basis of understanding you. This is optional (but highly recommended).

  • Balrāj understands that there is deep satisfaction in being able to think clearly and sophisticatedly about a complex issue, and in having the confidence to communicate this thinking to your audiences.

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