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 The following are testimonials for Balrāj’s professional birth chart readings, self-awareness compatibility readings, and his private, online Inner Clarity Intensive.


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Having a natal chart reading done by Balraj was a remarkable experience. He delivered clarity by defining my shadow, this deep unconscious driving force in my life which was not serving me well. This was something that I was only vaguely aware of previously. The reading provided me with a deeper understanding of how this has led to disappoinments and unfullfilled areas in my life. Balraj gave me many suggestions for positive ways to open up more fully to life, how to evolve to where I want to be in the world. This experience was like a soul chiropractic adjustment.

Carl Jung says "Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate."  I mention this quote because it speaks directly to what Balraj can deliver to you in a reading. He will bring your unconscious map to the surface and you will be able to see it accurately and fully. This is liberating.


Balraj is a compassionate person who genuinely cares about each individual's well being in the world and their spiritual evolution. He is more than willing to lend a helping hand.  In this time spent with him during a reading, he will teach you. He will speak to your soul directly. 


Reston, Virginia, USA

The most accurate and guided reading that I've done to date. Balraj is SO good at what he does!! His reading was on point for me. He was very thorough, took so much time to explain my natal chart and provide remedies that I could put into use right away, to start living with the inevitable ways of my chart in a harmonious and open hearted way. We had our auspicious wedding date and time chosen by him as well. He's so experienced and just knows what he's doing. You'll know what I mean when you start talking to him.

Roshani Rose Raj

Toronto, CANADA

This review comes from our Facebook page.

Balraj is fantastic!!! This was my first astrology reading so I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. Before my consultation Balraj is always readily available to talk to me with any questions I have, even after my consultation. He is such a friendly and encouraging person. During my consultation Balraj was very thorough, he took so much time to explain every little detail to me, he definitely helped my consultation be more worthwhile by asking probing questions. He even discussed meaningful dates with me that I had forgotten about and I was like WOW you are good! The best part was I felt I could speak openly to him about past life events without being judged. I left the consultation gaining a lot of clarity about myself as a person and what I needed to do next to help myself move forward. I definitely left the consultation having a more positive outlook to life and it gave me that extra self-confidence I needed to hear. I would absolutely recommend Balraj especially for anyone looking for some guidance with astrology.


Kimi Dial


This review comes from our Facebook page.

Ever since I spoke to Balraj I’ve become such a magnet for positivity in my life. I gained a sense of clairvoyance towards what my path is and began to attract everything I need to get me to where I want to be. My ability to manifest is the highest that I’ve ever experienced. I’m in such a wonderful place right now. Thank you Balraj.

Sarvesh Patel

Toronto, CANADA

I was recommended to Balraj by a close friend, as she had just had a reading from him and was raving how much she loved it. Being in natural health and seeing many patients, I am always intrigued by treatments or services that can help or guide us in any way. I felt I was in a crossroads in my life - no trauma, no tragedy - just needing clarity and any insight would be wonderful. I was so pleased and impressed with the accuracy that Balraj provided. Not only was he dead on in the information he provided, he was equally so pleasant, kind, non judgmental and so calming and personable to talk to. I have already recommended him to a few friends and patients and will continue to do so. Thank you Balraj for your gifts that you are able to share. I am truly grateful. 🙏​

Lucy Lagana | Toronto, CANADA

Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist & Allergist


I am the sort of person who will find any reason to doubt whether something is actually working; even if something works for me, I tend to try to think of other explanations for why it actually might have worked. So when I say that Balraj's consultations and predictions were insightful and clarifying, it was in spite of him having to overcome a lot of my instinctive skepticism. I began these consultations during a time of extreme uncertainty in my personal and professional life. I was making very incremental progress and was struggling with a great deal of anxiety. Balraj helped me to anticipate and interpret events and circumstances. He correctly predicted the dates of several milestones, including my PhD completion and some otherwise unforeseen personal crises. His predictions were very accurate and invaluable in guiding me as I completed my degree and planned for the future. Balraj’s consultations helped me to make sense of things and events in their natural trajectory, and thus gave me a sense of direction in my work and personal lives. More recently, Balraj predicted an imminent postdoctoral career opportunity and provided a specific timeframe (Muhurta)—date and time—for submitting an application for a subsequent promotion. I followed his recommendation, and both the prediction and the application were proven successful. Balraj is personable and empathetic as well as professional, and I recommend this service unconditionally.



Postdoctoral Fellow | Halifax, CANADA  

This was my first astrology reading, so I didn’t know what to expect. All I can say is Balraj is amazing, he was absolutely spot on with the information. He talked about stuff I knew about myself deep down but never admitted it out loud. Balraj has shown me I can change and make my life better, for which I am very grateful. I feel like I have a new lease of life and will make sure I adopt the changes he suggested. I will ensure I keep contact with him. I highly recommend having a reading with Balraj! Thank you so much for everything. 


Natalie Samuel


This review comes from our Facebook page.

I approached Balraj about my career a year ago. His career predictions have been spot on. He gave me specific times to submit applications and I have seen two major promotions and a sizeable increase in salary (in addition to a raise that was as high as I could have received). He predicted the timings of the promotion to the day. As a result, I now rely on him to provide me with timings for applying for new positions or making changes to my career. Seeing how accurate his predictions have been, I decided to work with Balraj on making improvements in my life outside work. He has been helping me become aware of the ways in which I am hurting myself and has helped me begin to build my life around my passions, and this has definitely resulted in more happiness. But beyond this I love Balraj’s calm and patient way of dealing with tough issues. He never rushes our meetings and will explain complicated issues and solution in a way that is easy to understand and also to implement. I leave our meeting feeling better and more optimistic about my future because I know that no matter what life will throw my way, I will be able to handle it. I am forever grateful to Balraj and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their life. 



Civil Servant | Toronto, CANADA

I have had many traditional readings before in the past but none compared to the one by Balraj. He takes a psycho-spiritual approach rather than the traditional predictive-heavy approach. It was very applicable to everyday life and he really implements the ideology “you are what you are”. I appreciated his style because it allowed me a chance to change who I am to bring what I want into my life. Balraj taught me how to deal with the present and the now rather than focusing on some day far off in the future.  His tips allowed me to improve my everyday habits and make everyday as productive as possible. Balraj was also always available whenever I had any questions or concerns and he was more than willing to help every time I messaged him. His care, attentiveness and availability were truly appreciated! I would highly recommend Balraj for any reading or service he provides. He studies what he does very meticulously and has a passion for it which also shines through in his reading.


Padmani Doobay

Medical Student | Miami, USA

My reading with Balraj was amazing from start to finish. I received such invaluable information and support. He is very patient, listened and answered any questions I had, as well as very clearly explaining his findings and point of view on the issues raised. He spoke to me in a very calm manner, which helped me to relax and take all the information in easily. I definitely felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders and felt very reassured and positive afterwards. I particularly enjoyed the breathing exercises at the end of the reading, I did it the same very night before going to sleep and have continued doing so every night since. Thank you for everything Balraj, I appreciate your time and amazing advice. I highly recommend you! Even if someone just needs a listening ear, some reassurance or in a negative place, I truly believe Balraj can help! Thanks once again, will definitely be speaking to you very soon! 



London, ENGLAND  

I've been to several astrologers and Balraj has got to be the most articulate. He's different and you see it right away. He speaks to a lot of hidden things in your chart that you are not aware of. Once you open your eyes to those, you will be MUCH more happier in life for sure. Coming out his reading you will want to become a better person for everyone around you and you will have more self love. I still can't get over how amazing he was.

Danny Mohan

Medical Consultant | Toronto, CANADA

This review comes from our Facebook page.

I have had a wonderful experience with balraj. Not what i was expecting. I have met many astrologers but none which included a introspective analysis that helps you find meaning and substance to certain feelings I was unsure about. I also like how he broke down the planets and their movements. Balraj actually showed a great deal of knowledge wisdom and understanding of my chart. And would absolutely recommend Balraj, for anyone looking for some guidance with astrology.

Vinay Patel

Investment Banker | Toronto, CANADA

First of all I must say that Balraj is a very pleasant individual who you can speak to very openly without feeling that you are being judged. He respects your privacy and can be trusted. My reading experience was very informative and his understanding of my life and my unconscious habits was exact. His information that he delivered is very different than what I have received before. It is more of a focus on my psychology and what I can do to change my life. Everything was explained very well that an average person without much education can really understand. I went to him to discuss my business and health and his understanding, explanations, and advice were all very clear. I will trust Balraj and can’t wait to introduce him to my entire family and friends. I would like to thank Balraj immensely and looking forward to continue my yearly horoscope reading with him in the future. Thanks.


Esthetician & Nutrition Consultant | Toronto, CANADA

I approached Balraj originally to help me find more clarity and direction. My reading with him was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Balraj was very patient and really took the time to make sure I was understanding everything. He was very accurate about several instances from both my past and present and gave me a sense of direction to guide me leading forward. I’m really very grateful for having been introduced to Balraj.


Toronto, CANADA

First of all, I have to say Balraj has a great disposition which anyone who comes into contact with him for the first time would agree with me. He is so busy yet always finds the time when called upon. He is a very reliable, honest, compassionate and down to earth soul whom you can trust and feel very comfortable speaking to without a doubt openly. He is a very confidential and trusted person. My reading experience with him was very thorough and informative. The information he delivered was very different from what I have received before. It was a very accurate astrology reading. His advice on how to stay focused and the understanding of his readings can change your life if followed. We all have the potential to enhance our life on a daily basis with Balraj's advice and recommendations if we practice it. He takes the time to explain his readings clearly that anyone can easily follow and understand. Balraj's time and price is surreal. I have no hesitation in recommending Balraj and thank him for his immense contribution in my life and look forward to my continued horsocope readings with him for my family and I in the future.


Legal Assistant | Toronto, CANADA

Balraj, thank you for the astrological reading you did for me. Everything you told me about my past and present was very accurate, and I look forward to the future predictions you made for me with specific dates. I was very impressed with your knowledge on eastern as well as western astrology (as I have always taken an interest in it myself). You explained everything in simple and great detail and gave me a future forecast of events and dates for the remainder of the year. I really enjoyed the reading I had with you, and I have been telling all my friends and relatives to come see you. I look forward to getting more readings from you. Thank you so much.


Retired Civil Servant | Markham, CANADA

The reading I did with Balraj was very accurate. He studies the chart very carefully and has thorough knowledge of various spiritual traditions. Above all, I appreciate how deeply he understands my psychology, and his simple suggestions for improving the quality of my life. I also appreciate how much care and attention he puts into his follow-up sessions with me.


Retired Teacher | Markham, CANADA

I had a reading with Balraj and I had an amazing experience. Not only was Balraj accurate about many things he also gave me practical tips to practice in my life to help myself move forward and not allow myself to get in the way of myself. Definitely had an amazing experience and highly recommended! 


Realtor | Toronto, CANADA

Balraj provides accurate and meaningful readings. If you’re thinking about getting your birth chart reading to better understand yourself and get some guidance on how to face your challenges, I highly recommend his services.