Improving the quality of your more intimate relationships might be the most difficult thing that you ever do. Why? Because improving the quality of your relationships requires that you open up to experiencing some of the most challenging aspects of yourself (and that you relate to a partner that may not ready/willing to be vulnerable when you are).

kuṇḍlī milān

deep astrological 
compatibility + synastry

“Deep Astrological Compatibility + Synastry” readings are available only to those who have already had an “Initial Birth Chart Reading” with Balrāj. The information learned in a birth chart reading will help each partner in all of their relationships. Both partners are required to be present for a “Deep Compatibility” reading.

In traditional Vedic astrology, the most common method of astrological compatibility analysis emphasizes two factors (called aṣṭa kūta and kuja doṣa). This simple analysis is intended to produce a straightforward prediction about the longevity of a relationship. 


Balrāj’s approach to Vedic astrology is psychological-spiritual, or “psycho-spiritual”. His approach to astrological relationship compatibility emphasizes the way(s) in which each partner’s own individual struggles with finding happiness and fulfilment affect their relationship.

Initial Birth Chart readings address each individual’s capacities, challenges, and their paths to freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. A healthy relationship requires a kind of openness and vulnerability. Conflict in our most intimate relationships often reveals parts of ourselves we spend much of our time and resources trying to avoid. These are the very parts of ourselves that are affecting every area of life: our deepest fulfillment is hidden in our shadow.


It is only after each partner is aware of their own unconscious dynamics that Balrāj can detail the unconscious dynamics and vulnerabilites of their relationship. In other words, an astrological compatibility adds a layer of depth to your own self-understanding and gives you more of an opportunity for growth, fulfillment, and freedom.


In addition to using traditional moon-based analysis, Balrāj’s psycho-spiritual approach adds other (overlooked) classical Vedic methods and a unique evaluation of compatibility based each partner’s entire chart (not just the position of the moon). This approach—sometimes called “synastry” or “astrological synastry”—provides rich insight into the psycho-spiritual dynamics of a relationship. Synastry involves overlaying the birth charts of each partner onto one another—creating what is sometimes called a synastry chart”—and reading this combined chart as a single chart. What makes Balrāj’s approach to astrological synastry unique is that he analyzes the synastry chart using traditional Vedic methods of interpretation. In fact, his method could readily be called a kind a “Vedic psycho-spiritual synastry”.


Finally, Balrāj explores simple practices that can be used to address a relationship’s vulnerabilities (including how, where, and in what ways each partner can get more out of all of their relationships).


Deep Compatibility readings are most ideal for relationships with:

  • intimate/romantic partners

  • children

  • business partners


Computerized astrological compatibility and capacity reports are also available.

BIRTH TIME REQUIREMENT: accurate birth times for both partners are required for an astrological compatibility reading. Generally speaking, birth times accurate within five minutes will yield the most useful results.

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deep astrological compatibility + synastry

90 minutes



conditions & policies

effective January 2020

  1. Information provided in readings/consultations/reports is intended as guidance. Each client retains the right to use this information/guidance at their own discretion, and remains fully responsible their decisions/actions.

  2. All information provided to Balrāj and/or is strictly confidential, and will not be shared with or sold to any third party.

  3. Due to the level of preparation that precedes each reading, refunds will not be given unless Balrāj is ultimately unable to deliver the requested service.

  4. Though you will not be charged a fee to cancel/re-schedule your appointment, we kindly request that appointments be cancelled/re-scheduled 48 hours in advance.