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Vedic Astrology Reading

private, personalized, live, online/virtual
professional birth chart reading

A professional birth chart reading with Balrāj functions like a kind of mirror: it shows elements of (the habitual, unconscious) you to (the conscious) you. By making your implicit, unconscious habits more explicit, you see how these habits have been determining your life. The resulting clarity creates the conditions for you to experience freedom from the powerful grip of your compulsions, anxieties, and rumination (and any related destructive behaviours). This type of Vedic astrology reading is not predictive; it is, rather, psychological-spiritual astrology or psycho-spiritual astrology.

We inherit and develop a range of habits that help us avoid the people/situations that produce our difficult feelings and thoughts. These intrusive thoughts and overwhelming emotions determine so much of our lives because we avoid them (and our tendency to continue to avoid them means that they will continue to prevent us from being free).  Our fulfillment is often precisely in these tangled emotions connected to the very things we avoid. Without these limitations, experiencing deeper connection (with yourself, with others, and with life itself) is simply not optional. Opening to life—opening the heart, unconditionally—means not feeling compelled to avoid anything ever again.


In your comprehensive, 2-hour, psycho-spiritual virtual astrology reading, Balrāj identifies and addresses the most significant ways in which your habits are sabotaging your own efforts to find a sense of freedom from limitations so you can connect with your true self (i.e., the ‘version’ of your self less ensnared by your habitual anxieties/compulsions) and act on your deepest values. A Vedic psycho-spiritual birth chart reading interprets your individual horoscope using principles of ancient Indian spiritual paths/traditions intended to help you establish more freedom from your destructive habits so you can experience deeper connection with yourself, with others, and with life itself. 


This is a personalized horoscope reading, so it is unique to you and helps you establish a more meaningful connection to your past and to your current situation, and helps you feel deeply seen and understood. In this process, you gain the clarity that will allow for greater spiritual self awareness, self acceptance, self compassion, self connection, and even self love. Learn more about the principles of a psycho-spiritual approach to Vedic astrology. (Vedic astrology is also known as Indian or Hindu astrology or, traditionally, “jyotiṣa” or simply, “jyotish”/“jyotisha”.)

This is a professional astrology reading with a full-time professional astrologer, but this is not a predictive astrological reading; Balrāj does not offer predictive astrological readings of any kind (including “solar return” readings or any kind of generic horoscope predictions based on zodiac sign—sun sign, moon sign, rising sign—new/full moon, solar and lunar eclipses, etc.). To see if you would benefit from a Vedic psycho-spiritual reading of your astrology birth chart, take a look at who we work with.


While one/more of the following areas of concern may very much appear to be the ‘cause’ of your most serious concerns, you may be surprised to know that that there are likely more efficient means to find relief (and these means may have nothing to do with this ‘cause’ itself):


  • career, vocation, business

  • health, medical

  • children, fertility

  • relationships, love, marriage

  • spirituality, inner life

  • identity, values

  • productivity, achievement

  • home, family life

  • social life, friendship


Classical eastern spiritual traditions (including yoga) generally weren’t concerned with solving the ego’s problems. Instead, these traditions were concerned with freeing awareness from the limitations imposed by the ego’s desire for permanent security. Freed from these limitations, one has no choice but to engage more fully in/with life. Similarly, the purpose of a psycho-spiritual Vedic astrology consultation is not to solve your personal problems but to give you the clarity to open your heart, allowing you to meet with whatever arises in your life (thoughts/emotions/situations) and not feel compelled to avoid anything ever again. Deepening your connection with yourself allows you to connect with (and pursue) the things that make your life most meaningful and full (without the fear, doubt, and insecurity).


Although your personalized reading is primarily about clarity, Balrāj makes a few pragmatic remedial suggestions, without the astrological/metaphysical jargon. You will receive suggestions (which may or may not include spiritual practices) that are unique to you and meant to be integrated and utilized in a direct and concrete way. No rituals, no amulets, no magic; awareness and courage are enough. Your personal birth chart reading does not include conversational hypnosis. (Conversational hypnosis is offered as part of our one-on-one Clarity & Calm Intensive.)


You can schedule your virtual astrology reading online using the link below.


BIRTH TIME REQUIREMENT: generally speaking, the moment of your birth is a requirement for this type of reading; a birth time accurate within 1-2 minutes is preferred, though insightful readings are possible if your birth time is accurate within 5-10 minutes (though this is not always true). If you are not sure if your time of your birth is accurate enough, please contact us before scheduling your astrology chart reading. Your birth date and location are, of course, required.

Clarity in Action:
How to Change Your Life

The work of changing your life is often simple, but rarely easy. 

A comprehensive, live astrology consultation provides useful clarity, but itself will do little to change your circumstances unless accompanied by consistent action; a simple intellectual understanding of your deeper and unconscious habits is rarely enough to affect your lived experience. This is why people often feel great (and motivated) immediately after astrology readings but experience little actual change in their lives. Doing the work of becoming un-stuck often requires personalized and ongoing support. 

Classical eastern spiritual traditions prescribed practices precisely because theory wasn’t enough. Without practice—without implementation—change is near impossible. We can wait for change to occur spontaneously, or we can begin the process re-habituation using courage and awareness. Of course, we always remain open to miracles. If a miracle occurs, we welcome it with open arms. If not, we’re still much better off because we already started the process of changing ourselves and our lives. But if all we do is wait for a miracle, we run the risk of spending years feeling like we’re not any happier or have simply been wasting time. (Read Balrāj’s reflections on astrological remedies.)

For this reason, Balrāj is focusing his efforts on his one-on-one Clarity & Calm Intensive helping people transform feelings of overwhelm into profound clarity and deep inner calm so they can live a more grounded, spiritual, and fulfilling life. This program consists of six sessions, each 2+ hours long:

  1. A Psycho-Spiritual Birth Chart Reading. Your natal chart will be discussed over the course of two or more sessions using a Vedic, psycho-spiritual approach to astrology (jyotisha).

  2. Conversational Hypnosis. Hypnosis addresses obstacles at the level of the unconscious mind and is the most important tool for producing actual change in behaviour. Sessions are often unpredictable and produce dramatic breakthroughs.

  3. Psycho-Spiritual Coaching (or Inner Clarity Coaching). As a coach and spiritual advisor/teacher, Balrāj uses your birth chart to provide personalized practices specially selected to help cultivate deeper inner clarity, mental clarity, inner calm, and a fulfilling life.

  4. Unlimited Support. Directly from Balrāj.


Working together with Balrāj, one-on-one, will provide the specific guidance and support required to cultivate a peaceful heart. The process of working with Balrāj also means that you will be held accountable as you begin to release old, destructive habits. To see if this program is a fit for you, schedule a call with Balrāj or learn more on our site’s homepage.


psycho-spiritual birth chart reading

private, online astrology consultation
1-2 page post-consultation written summary

2 hours


6-week program for individuals

professional birth chart reading
(conversational) psycho-spiritual hypnosis

psycho-spiritual astrology coaching
meditation coaching / breathwork coaching
unlimited support

6 sessions, 2+ hours each


conditions & policies

effective January 2020

  1. Astrology consultations are conducted (and post-consultation summaries are written) in English.

  2. Any/all information provided in your professional natal chart reading is intended as guidance. Each client retains the right to use this information/guidance at their own discretion, and remains fully responsible for their decisions/actions. Balrāj is a yogin, professional astrologer and certified hypnotist, not a therapist or mental health professional.

  3. All data provided to Balrāj (including your personal information) and/or is strictly confidential, and will not be shared with or sold to any third party.

  4. Though you will not be charged a fee to cancel/re-schedule your Vedic astrology reading, we kindly request that appointments be cancelled/re-scheduled 48 hours in advance. If you re-schedule your astrological consultation, please note that you may be required to wait several weeks for a new appointment.

  5. Due to the level of preparation involved in each birth chart analysis (Vedic astrology chart interpretation), refunds will not be given unless Balrāj is ultimately unable to deliver your virtual astrology reading.