5 Reasons Every Astrologer Should Consider Finding a Niche

Updated: Aug 31

In principle, an astrologer should be capable of answering virtually every type of client question. After all, there is nothing in life that isn’t contained in the astrological chart. In principle, it wouldn’t matter what the client wants to know; the chart contains answers that any astrologer should be able to find.


This more general approach to astrology is unsatisfactory for astrologers who feel more fulfilled and energized working with particular kinds of clients and/or problems. These are astrologers who:

  • decided to explore astrology in order to solve a specific personal problem and now feel that they are in a position to help others do the same.

  • want to draw on certain strengths, interests, types of knowledge, experiences, and resources (or other advantages) they possess.

  • are (or have always been) very interested in a particular area of astrology and would like to dedicate their efforts to becoming an expert in this area (and consult with clients as they become an expert).