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Personal Development Workshops
Private, Half-Day Workshops 
Beyond Generic CoursesTraining

Beyond Personal Development Courses/Training:
Private Personal Development Workshops to Help You Gain Clarity, Stop Self Sabotage, & Experience Personal Growth.

Gain the Strategies, Tools, and Confidence to Accomplish your Goals.

We inherit and develop a range of habits that help us avoid the people/situations that produce our difficult feelings and thoughts. These intrusive thoughts and overwhelming emotions determine so much of our lives because we avoid them (and our tendency to continue to avoid them means that they will continue to prevent us from being free).  Our fulfillment is often precisely in these tangled emotions connected to the very things we avoid.

A private, half-day personal development workshop with Balrāj functions like a kind of mirror: it shows elements of (the habitual, unconscious) you to (the conscious) you. By making your implicit, unconscious habits more explicit, you see how these habits have been determining your life. The resulting clarity creates the conditions for you to experience freedom from the powerful grip of your compulsions, anxieties, and rumination (and any related destructive and self-sabotaging behaviours).

In your 4-hour personal growth workshop, you will identify and address the most significant ways in which your habits are sabotaging your own efforts to find a sense of freedom from limitations so you can connect with your “true” self (i.e., the ‘version’ of your self less ensnared by your habitual anxieties/compulsions) and act on your deepest personal values. This allows you to find freedom from your destructive and self-sabotaging habits so you can experience deeper connection with yourself, with others, and with life itself. 


This is unlike the kind of training you’ll receive in personal development courses or group personal development training. This is a personalized personal development workshop, so it is unique to you and helps you establish a more meaningful connection to your past and to your current situation, and helps you feel deeply seen, heard, and understood. And this isn’t just personal development for the sake of personal development (because your job/career requires it, like you might find in a training course or development courses). Instead, you will leave with defined personal goals, personal tools, and personal strategies that are unique to your own deeper inspirations (and the confidence to use your tools and strategies to accomplish your goals so you can experience self improvement that feels meaningful). In this process, you gain the clarity that will allow for greater self awareness, self acceptance, self compassion, and self connection. This is about acquiring the tools for your success; this is about building your life. The objectives of a personal development course or training course (offered by employers) tend to be based on the employer’s needs, not yours. Development courses pursued based on your own, personal motivations (e.g., courses that help you pursue a personal project or courses that address your own health, relationships, finances, etc.) produces more meaningful goals (and better and more motivated students/learners).

While one/more of the following topics may very much appear to be the ‘cause’ of your difficulties, you may be surprised to know that that there are likely more efficient means to find relief (and these means may have little/nothing to do with the apparent ‘cause’ itself):


  • career, vocation, business

  • physical health, wellness

  • relationships, love, marriage

  • inner life, emotional health

  • identity, values, spirituality

  • productivity, achievement

  • home, family life

  • social health, friendship


These workshops on personal development are conducted from a yogic perspective on personal development. Traditionally, yoga wasn’t concerned with solving the ego’s problems. Instead, it was concerned with freeing awareness from the limitations imposed by the ego’s desire for permanent security. Freed from these limitations, one has no choice but to engage more fully in/with life. Deepening your connection with yourself allows you to connect with (and pursue) the things that make your life most meaningful and full (without the fear, doubt, insecurity, and self-sabotage), which may mean that what has become an insurmountable problem need never be addressed. 

You will also receive suggestions (which may or may not include simple, secular “spiritual” practices) that are unique to you and meant to be integrated and utilized in a direct and concrete way. No rituals, no amulets, no magic; awareness and courage are enough.

The point of this half-day workshop is to produce results, not just good feelings and false sense of control over one’s circumstances. A simple intellectual understanding of your deeper and unconscious habits is rarely enough to affect your lived experience. (In fact, you may have experienced this in previous courses on personal development: insights with little/no action or results.) Yoga prescribed practices precisely because theory wasn’t enough. Without practice—without implementation—change is near impossible. We can delay meaningful action and wait for change to occur spontaneously, or we can begin the process re-habituation using courage and awareness. Of course, while we always remain open to miracles, we don’t rely on them. If all we do is wait for a miracle, we run the risk of spending years feeling like we’re not any happier or have simply been wasting time.

Please note that the Self-Sabotage Deep Dive contains a Psychological Astrology Reading. For this, your birth time is required. (During your Clarity Call with Balrāj, you will receive a recommendation about which service is most suitable for you and your situation.)

We also offer comprehensive coaching for those who want specific results. 100% of our personal development coaching is live (no video courses) and personalized (no group courses). We do not offer courses of any kind in personal development (or any kind of professional training course).

Clarity Deep Dive

personalized personal development

3½-4 hours

Discover Emotional/Mental Clarity

Find Clarity of Purpose

30-Minute Follow-Up Session

Find clarity amidst the (inner & outer) moving parts in your life.

Listen to yourself; connect with your deeper inspirations.

Receive a reality check & face your struggles with dignity.

Stop asking the wrong questions; experience choice & empowerment.

one session (3½-4 hours)
+ follow-up


Self-Sabotage Deep Dive

personalized personal development

3½-4 hours

Psychological Vedic Astrology Reading

Conversational Hypnosis Session

30-Minute Follow-Up Session

Make sense of the moving parts in your life.

Feel deeply seen; allow yourself to forgive/accept yourself.

Receive a reality check & face your struggles with dignity.

Stop asking the wrong questions; approach life more constructively.

one session (3½-4 hours)
+ follow-up


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