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january 2022

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Balrāj helps people experience deeper and more meaningful connection. He helps transform “toxic” emotions (and feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt) into deeper self-connection (and a more deeply meaningful life).

Every calendar month, a limited number of (psycho-spiritual) birth chart readings will be available. If you are interested in a birth chart reading, please see who we work with to see if our psycho-spiritual approach will suit your needs, then schedule your reading here. Private yoga and hypnosis are not offered as standalone services.

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Balraj’s latest reflectionYoga & The Meaning of (Your) Life.

new offering

Though Balrāj will now be focusing his efforts on multi-session work with clients (instead of standalone astrology readings), a limited number of his psycho-spiritual Vedic birth chart readings will remain available until further notice. In his multi-session work, Balrāj will help people experience deeper and more meaningful connection using the wisdom and practices of yoga and meditation, psycho-spiritual astrology, and conversational hypnosis. To learn more, visit our homepage.

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