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july 2022

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Balrāj helps those feeling overwhelmed find profound inner clarity, deep inner calm, and spiritual self awareness (so they can live a more grounded, spiritual, and fulfilling life). To help people overcome overwhelming emotions and find self awareness, he uses Vedic psycho-spiritual astrology, and Conversational Hypnosis. Learn more about our Clarity & Calm Intensive or schedule a free Clarity Call below.

A limited number of psycho-spiritual astrology readings (using principles of Vedic astrology or “jyotisha”) are available every month. Balrāj is now offering compatibility readings based on an approach inspired by Barbara Pijan Lama (i.e., two individual birth chart readings instead of a traditional reading of the relationship). If you are interested in a professional birth chart reading or a birth chart compatibility reading, please see who we work with to see if our psycho-spiritual approach will suit your needs, and then schedule your reading. (Spiritual Coaching and Conversational Hypnosis are not offered as standalone services.)

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